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Charisms of the Holy Spirit:  Tools for the New Evangelization                          
includes Inventory and Detailed Charism Descriptions.  For more than 50, call for
pricing.  Learn about the “Spiritual Gifts for Your Mission”.
Catholic  Parent Handbook of Child Growth Development and Learning
focuses on helping parents support their children’s spiritual development.
Ideal for parenting Bible Studies with Catechism and Scripture reference.
MAPS for life Catholic Publications and Ministry
Renewing the Renewal:  A Firestorm in the Catholic Church  
illustrates reasonable plans, attainable goals, and doable methods for how to go
into the deep so that the nets we cast ensure a bountiful catch for Christ.
Real-life stories lead the way giving step-by-step guidelines and examples of
and includes prayer and reflection questions and exercises.
The Parent's Handbook of Child Development (birth through the teen
language, and physical and 96 target objectives within the six domains in
a simple to use reference handbook for parents and teachers.  The Handbook
has over 700 activities for parents and teachers to help them intentionally and
confidently support children's growth, development, and learning.