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The Parent’s Handbook of Child Development
organizes 92 Target Objectives of your child's   
development across six domains:  Affective,
Social,  Creative, Cognitive,  Language, and
Physical.  The Domains and Target Objectives
are presented on easy to use Domain Menus
(click here to access the Domain Menus).  

Through the "tabbed domain sections" you are
able to access over 700 activities that help you
intentionally support and nurture your child's
growth, development, and learning throughout
your child's life.  The Handbook is a powerful
parent resource that gives you the confidence
you need as it expands your parenting
knowledge and skills.  It also gives you the
confidence you need to talk about your child's
growth and development with teachers and

The Parent's Handbook of Child Development
points you in the right direction and helps
build up your confidence in your parenting
skills. The Handbook defines and describes
important aspects of your child's development
as your child grows.  It gives you practical
ways to nurture and support your child’s
growth, development, and learning on a daily
and weekly basis.

The Handbook features over 700 ideas that  
incorporate your everyday interactions and
family experiences and shows you how even the
little things you say and do help to nurture
your child's growth, development and
learning.   You’ll learn practical parenting tips
that empower you to nurture and defend your
child in the face of forces outside your home
that seem to compete with your own values and

Most important of all
The Parent's Handbook
of Development
reminds you just how
important you are in the life of your child!  
The Parent's Handbook of Development
Discover, Learn About, and Use Your
Spiritual Gifts for Your Mission
as a Missionary Disciple!
What could better enhance your classroom
teaching success than strong partnership with
parents that is rooted in their children's
growth, development, and learning.  

The Parent's Handbook of Development is
the classroom tool you need to accomplish
these strong partnerships.  The book actually
doubles as a parent-teacher handbook since
its sole purpose is to facilitate positive,
natural, meaningful, and authentic
conversations between teachers and parents.
Each time you have either formal or informal
conferences, you will be able to celebrate
together, one aspect of the child's
development from across the six Domains:  
Affective, Social, Creative, Cognitive,
Language, or Physical.  

During a parent-teacher conference,
Parent's Handbook of Development
will help
parents and teachers learn about, share and
commit to focus on the child's development
by choosing one of 96 Target Objectives
across the six domains of Affective, Social,
Creative, Cognitive, Language, and Physical

Teachers might also choose one Target
Objective to focus on in their classroom each
week, encouraging children to journal or
write stories about their own "giftedness".  
For Example the children might write about
the Affective Domain: Target Objective -
(Click here for excerpt) or the
Creative Domain: Target Objective =
(Click  here for excerpt).

School administrators might choose one
Target Objective for the week and the entire
school could focus on it. For Example:  Social
Domain:  Target Objective - Negotiating

(Click her for excerpt)
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