ADULT INVENTORY:  as RCIA candidates prepare for the Sacraments of Initiation it is
important to give them the Charism  Inventory to discern the gifts they have been given for their
spiritual growth and mission to bring Christ to others as Missionary Disciples.

YOUTH INVENTORY:  The youth inventory is the perfect tool for confirmation candidates.  
Below is one program's testimony of how they used the Charism Inventory with their

    As for the youth charism discernment retreat, your suggestions worked really well! I used
    your suggestion of having a poster for each charism on the wall and had the students write
    the names of their peers on what charism they thought they posed. Then I had them find
    the posters where their own names were used the most and they had to stand by the
    posters. Before this activity, I had them take inventory of their own charisms so they had
    an idea what each of the charisms are and what they mean. So once they were all standing
    by the posters with their own names on the most, we went around and I asked the students
    if they thought their peers were accurate. All of them agreed! Then we switched it up, and I
    had them go to the charism posters that the inventory test said they were the highest. 25%
    of the students stayed in the same spot their peers suggested and 25% were very similar to
    what their peers stated i.e. Hospitality vs Community Building.

    Then at the end of the retreat, we debriefed in what they learned and how they had seen
    themselves or others using their charisms. It was awesome! It was a great exposure to the
    students and everything went so smooth, the Holy Spirit was guiding throughout the whole

    Our theme was "We're Better Together". So the charisms tied in so well and the students
    were able to see that we are many parts to one Body. In fact, we went to daily mass that
    morning and the first reading was the reading of we are many parts of One Body. I was
    glowing all day!

    Youth Coordinator
    St. Wendelin Parish & School
A MUST for every youth and RCIA
candidate preparing for the
Sacrament of Confirmation!
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