RCIA ADULT INVENTORY: As RCIA candidates prepare for the Sacraments of Initiation it is important to give them the
Charism  Inventory to discern the gifts they have been given for their spiritual growth and for their mission to bring Christ to others as Missionary
Disciples.  The Easter Season is the perfect time for discerning Charisms and learning hot to put them to use in Church ministry and in their daily

CONFIRMATION YOUTH INVENTORY:  The youth inventory is the perfect tool for youth
confirmation candidates.   Below are some questions asked by Youth Directors.

How do I present the charisms and use this tool in a 2 hour time class period?
If you were to give the kids the inventory ahead of time – you might be able to do some teaching and facilitation work in two hours.  However, I
firmly believe there is no point in even having them complete the inventory if there is not sufficient time for small group work to learn about and
discuss their charisms and time to learn about and discuss each other’s charisms.  Also, their charisms need to be put into action through a group
project so they can intentionally practice using their charisms and see the graces that flow from their experiences.  

Here are some ideas as to how you can present and use the charism inventory.
  1. Use the book's narrative to teach the rationale for charism discernment.  It is based on Scripture, the catechism, and papal teachings and
    letters.  After your teaching ....  
  2. Have the students pray beforehand and then take the Inventory in silence.  
  3. Tape Poster Sheets around the room with one charism as the Title of each poster sheet.
  4. Help students score the Inventory
  5. Help students tally their top 3-5 charisms
  6. Invite students to write their names under each poster that represents one of their top charisms.
  7. Begin a class discussion taking note of the number of students' names on each poster.
  8. Stand by the first poster and ask the kids whose names are on that poster to come forward and stand there while you talk about each
    charism:  What is it?  When does Jesus express it? Why is it important? etc.   
  9. Ask students whose names are on the poster to share when they have operated in that charism.
  10. Continue the same process with each poster.
  11. As an assignment, ask students to write about (journal) their charisms.
  12. As an assignment, invite students to write a “Dear Jesus Letter” asking Jesus how He wants them to use their charisms to build His
  13. Plan a class project and ask students to choose only one of their top charisms to intentionally use during throughout the project.  Ask
    students to keep a log of each time they use their charisms and describe the impact and/or experience.

Is it necessary to purchase the Youth Charism Discernment tool for each candidate?  
You will need to purchase the book for each student.  It is 10.00.  The students need the book to learn about their charisms and the learn about
each other’s and they will use the book for small group discussion as well as for future reference as to how to put their charisms to use as
missionary disciples -- bringing the Gospel to those they meet in their daily lives.  Since charisms are dynamic, meaning  they change over time, the
book and inventory will be needed to discern new charisms the Lord may bestow upon them as they grow and mature in Christ.

Your website gave a very good example of how they used the Discernment Tool in a retreat
form.  Do you have other activity suggestions I could use with this tool?
Each week after the students discern their charisms, you can call them forth in class.  The teachers can teach, the intercessors can pray, the pastors
can offer up scripture passages, the administrators can organize a class project, the craftsmanship students can “decorate the class environment
according to liturgical seasons”, the writers can write cards, thank you notes, blessings, prayers for the class, etc.  the encouragers can motivate the
class to grow spiritually – can you just imagine what your future classes would be like to the end of your “confirmation preparation years”?

Below is one program's testimony of how they used the Charism Inventory with their
As for the youth charism discernment retreat, your suggestions worked really well! I used your suggestion of having a poster for each charism on
the wall and had the students write the names of their peers on what charism they thought they posed. Then I had them find the posters where
their own names were used the most and they had to stand by the posters. Before this activity, I had them take inventory of their own charisms so
they had an idea what each of the charisms are and what they mean. So once they were all standing by the posters with their own names on the
most, we went around and I asked the students if they thought their peers were accurate. All of them agreed! Then we switched it up, and I had
them go to the charism posters that the inventory test said they were the highest. 25% of the students stayed in the same spot their peers
suggested and 25% were very similar to what their peers stated i.e. Hospitality vs Community Building.  Then at the end of the retreat, we
debriefed in what they learned and how they had seen themselves or others using their charisms. It was awesome! It was a great exposure to the
students and everything went so smooth, the Holy Spirit was guiding throughout the whole day!  Our theme was "We're Better Together". So the
charisms tied in so well and the students were able to see that we are many parts to one Body. In fact, we went to daily mass that morning and the
first reading was the reading of we are many parts of One Body. I was glowing all day.
Youth Coordinator - St. Wendelin Parish & School
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