Catholic Ministry Background

Ms. Marazon currently is a member St. Katharine
Drexel Parish where she is serves as a Eucharistic
minister, a member of the SKD Pastoral Council, and
Coordinator of the Parish Charism Ministry. She also
serves as the Diocese of Venice English Catholic
Charismatic Renewal Commission President.
Ms. Marazon has given retreats, workshops, and
parish missions throughout the U.S. and on tohe
Island of Trinidad on such topics as Spiritual
Transformation, Catherine of Siena-the Dialogue,
Healing Life's Hurts, Prayer, Parish Renewal, Charism
Discernment, Raising Children for Heaven, and Moral
and Spiritual Development.  

She has also authored several Catholic publications
Charisms of the Holy Spirit: Tools for the
New Evangelization
, Deliverance Prayer: A Matter of
Wisdom, Discernment, and Obedience
, “The Simple
Blessing Prayer”,
The Catholic Handbook of Child
Growth, Development, and Learning
, and Renewing
The Renewal—A Firestorm In The Catholic Church
She has also authored several articles in Pentecost
Today and served as a  member of the Catholic
Charismatic Renewal National Service Committee
Council from 2009-2017.

She is married to David.  They treasure their four
children and eight grandchildren as their most
precious gifts from God.  
Education Background

Ms. Marazon served as a leader in K-12 best practices
throughout her professional education career.  She developed
the first  Grade 5-12 maritime training and education school in
the U.S., the Maritime Academy of Toledo.  The Academy
served inner city, high poverty students. Maritime was Ohio’s
first Mariner Career Tech Education program with State of
Ohio approved Course of Study.  The Academy prepared  
students for maritime jobs and college.  She served as School
Superintendent from 2006 to 2015 until she retired.  

In 2010, Ms. Marazon was named CEO of The Maritime
Academy of Toledo Foundation which supported The Academy
through its nine US Coast Guard approved professional mariner
courses.  Ms Marazon, partnered with Owens Community
College to create a “Degree at Sea” scope and sequence course
of study, integrating mariner credentials to their variety of two-
year degrees such as nursing, culinary/hospitality, accounting,
administration, welding, electrical, plumbing, etc.

Between 1983 to 1997, her career highlights included serving as
chairperson and founder of the teacher education program at
Lourdes University.  During that time she authored over 10
parent and teacher publications including The Marazon System,
a child-centered educatioinal approach focused on six domains
of human development and 96 target objectives within these

From 1997 to 2003 Ms. Marazon worked as a US Air Force
contractor, training teachers, home visitors, and family child  
care providers in The Marazon System.  She also served as a
consultant to Family Communications, Inc. (Mister Rogers'
Neighborhood) and was a member of the Puzzle Place Outreach
Advisory Board (KCET, California PTV).  Additionally, she has
served as a consultant to the Corporation for Public
Broadcasting and was a frequent speaker at local, state, and
national conferences.  In 2014, Ms. Marazon received the North
American Marine Environment Protection Education
Association Award

In her varying educational roles, she expresses a passion for
the child that draws others to continually see each child as a
unique gift from God.  Her message is constant-- “Look to the
child.  Check in with the child.  See the child as competent and
MAPS for life Catholic Publications and Ministry
MAPS for life Catholic Publications
and Ministries are focused on
supporting the spiritual growth of
Catholics through publications
including a comprehensive charism
study and discernment process,
retreats, missions, workshops and
consultation.  The ministry work is
also focused on supporting parishes in
raising up the laity in their spiritual
giftedness (charisms) and in their call
and mission to bring Christ to the
world and the world to Christ.

The Parent's Handbook of Child
Growth, Development, and Learning is
a must have handbook for parents and
teachers, helping them to work
together to support children's
development across six domains and
96 target objective.  
Ms. Marazon is passionate about
supporting the journey of Catholics to
"live more deeply in the Spirit".  Her
Charisms of the Holy
Spirit:  Tools for the New
is a necessary tool
that enables Catholics to discern,
learn about, and use their spiritual
gifts called "Charisms" on the path to
becoming "missionary disciples'.  
Marazon has presented at numerous
Catholic Conferences and in parishes,
religious communities, and Catholic
Communities including Trinidad,
Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Illinois,
Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio,
New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas,
and Wisconsin.