#5000 The Catholics Handbook of Child Growth, Development & Learning
The Catholic Handbook is designed to help parents and professionals
intentionally nurture children to their fullest potential, not only as
children, but also as children of God. As you reference this publication,
you will be drawn to read the Gospel stories that illustrate how Christ’s
expressed characteristics of human development while on earth
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You will also see how common everyday routines can serve as
opportunities to support and challenge a child’s development, enabling
the child to realize his recognize the critical role and responsibility
given to you by God, to intentionally nurture and support His children
into a Kingdom-awareness now.  $20.00   
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With illustrations of the sculptures of Timothy Schmultz
A MUST RESOURCE for parents and catechists who desire to nurture the growth,
development, and learning of the WHOLE CHILD!
Renewing the Renewal: A Firestorm in the Catholic Church
The following excerpt is taken from Renewing the Renewal: A
Firestorm in the Catholic Church

In his Apostolic Letter Novo Millennio Ineunte (2001), written at the
start of the new millennium, John Paul II challenged the entire Church,
to “put out into the deep.”  He did not address his call to any one
particular movement or group within the Church.  Rather, he directed
his challenge to all movements, all groups, and all people in the
Church.  This fact has great significance for all Catholics and even
greater significance for those involved in renewal movements such as
the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.  As we read his Apostolic Letter, we
realize at once that his broad-based challenge requires us to respond to
his call both individually and as a renewal movement.  
When John Paul II (2001) challenged the Church to go out into the deep, he specifically advised
parishes to design new pastoral initiatives that would be rooted in “adapted to the circumstances of
each community.”  He further counseled that the content of any new pastoral initiatives should be
focused on transforming parishes into schools of holiness, schools of prayer, and schools of
communion, with emphasis and proclaiming the Word of God to others.   

As we ponder the call of the Holy Father to put out into the deep, we are faced with many unknowns.  
The moment we say, “Yes Lord, I will put out into the deep to catch souls for your Kingdom.” our
dilemma will most likely be focused on how to get out into the deep, what kind of nets to cast, and
once there, where to cast them.  Renewing the Renewal: A Firestorm in the Catholic Church
challenges individual Catholics, prayer groups, and renewal leaders to put out into the deep—the
mainstream of the Catholic Church and once there, to design, produce and cast nets into the deep
waters of parish life in order to catch Catholic souls for Christ.  

Renewing the Renewal inspires, energizes, and compels those who are living in the Spirit to go as
missionaries into the deep—the mainstream of the Catholic Church as it illustrates reasonable
plans, attainable goals, and doable methods for how to go into the deep so that the nets we cast
ensure a bountiful catch for Christ.  Real-life stories lead the way giving step-by-step guidelines and
examples of what to do and how to do it.  Each chapter includes questions or exercises that
encourage prayer and reflection and lead individuals, prayer groups, and renewal movements to
take action steps leading to renewal of the mainstream Catholic Church.  

Renewing the Renewal is a book of hope, enthusiasm, excitement, and anticipation of how the Holy
Spirit will use us individually and use our Renewal Movement to revive, replenish, repair,
revitalize, rekindle, rejuvenate, and regenerate the Church.  In the process, each of us will be
renewed, and so will our prayer groups and Renewal Movement at both the diocesan and national

We must put out into the deep.  It is time for us to go!  If we dare to venture out into the mainstream
of the Church, we will see God’s love and mercy, and His miracles at work in places we never
thought possible.  Imagine the firestorm that will let loose on the earth should John Paul II’s vision
for renewing the Church become a reality!  $5.00.  
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Charisms of the Holy Spirit:
Tools For The New Evangelization
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Rescript (Imprimatur and Nihil Obstat) by
The Most Reverend Leonard Paul Blair, STD
Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Hartford, Conn
Charisms of the Holy Spirit is a resource, reference, and spiritual
growth publication that supports "Gifts for Your Mission".  The
book includes the Charism Inventory for Catholics with 100
question inventory, answer form, and answer key.  The book also
contains a detailed description of twenty charisms which can be
used for discernment, study, sharing, and entered into a parish
database to be called forth for every parish ministries.  The book
provides detailed information about each charism by describing:
What is it?  When does it?  What could a parish or community do
to call it forth and/or support it?  And the following: Scripture
Passages; Caution You Are About To Enter The No Sin Zone;
Evangelization Team Notes; Author's Notes; Witness; Discussion
Questions.  This book provides parishes and communities the tools
needed for the evangelization challenges facing the Church today.   
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